Subic Realty, supports the Philippines Government’s desire in ensuring the health and well-being of our citizens. In compliance with the government’s enhanced community quarantine over the entire Luzon, we have adapted our business and have enacted initiatives that will support our clients as we weather this crisis together.
Our offices remain closed but Subic Realty remains OPEN for business ONLINE.

Our initiatives are focused on ensuring health and safety, as well as serving and meeting our commitments to our customers, business partners, and employees. We are likewise working to provide a lifeline for our service providers whose operations have been disrupted.

To our clients and buyers, we shall continue to cater to your needs through our customer hotline, online communication and other digital platforms. We ask for your understanding and patience with this new manner of communication. . We thank you for your trust and co operation and thank you for choosing Subic Realty. Contact us 24/7 on the Contact Us Page, and expect to hear back from us soon !

18th June, 2020.
Subic Realty supports this very special cause.

Dolphin Rescue, Help us Help the Hungry Dolphins and Sea Lions. | Ocean Adventure

See the video on YouTube.
We are pushing a fundraising effort for some very special dolphins and sea lions, living at an open-water marine park called Ocean Adventure in Subic Bay, Philippines.    Like many other animal facilities in the world, Ocean Adventure is struggling to survive and to continue to provide quality food and the best care and welfare for these special animals.

Like facilities all over the world, the consequences of the coronavirus have hit Ocean Adventure hard. No visitors and no revenue at Ocean Adventure for animal food.
And dolphins and sea lions are very expensive to feed!

See Full Story and the Go Fund Me page 

4th May, 2020,
Why Do Business in the Philippines ?
The economic emergence during the past years has made the Philippines a flourishing nation which is one of the fastest-growing economies in Asia. Economic development is being fueled by attracting foreign investment and ongoing integration in the regional and global markets.
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21 st April, 2020,
For many, working remotely or from home is now the new normal.
Staff at Subic Realty have more than 50 years of combined experience doing just that.
We hope that this guide helps our clients and friends.
See the full video guide on YouTube.
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Email us for a full copy in PDF format.

18th  April, 2020
COVID-19 . Coronavirus disease, and how does it effect prices.
Considering the present effect of  COVID-19 , Coronavirus disease,  are you wondering what the current situation is with property prices in the Philippines and your location area.
It’s a commonly searched question since the coronavirus and COVID-19 outbreak: how will coronavirus affect house prices? 
 The bottom line is it will be negative – prices will go down. People, up until now, have been talking about the property market developing a bit of momentum, but coronavirus has changed the story for 2020. 
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12th  April, 2020
Businesses affected by Covid-19.  When growth isn’t top of mind.  What to do now?
Many of our past, present, and future clients of ours at Subic Realty,  are owners of businesses that are affected by Covid 19.
Now is not the time to focus on Growth !
What do do now ?
Should I just give up ?
Is there a better way now ?
Can I come out of this is a better position?
Should I buy a business now ?
These are some of the common questions we answer.
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